Absolute dating of brachiopods

fossil (latin for "obtained by digging") is the preserved remains or traces of organisms (plants, animals, etc) that lived in the distant past.The convention is that a fossil must predate recorded human history. 1.5 Earth scientists use their understanding of the past to forecast Earth's future.2.1 Earth's rocks and other materials provide a record of its history.

Many traces date from significantly earlier than the body fossils of the animals suspected to have made them. Permineralization can preserve even the most minute details including cell structure.The study of fossils across geological time, how they were formed, and the evolutionary relationships between taxa (phylogeny) are some of the most important functions of the science of paleontology.Such a preserved specimen is called a "fossil" if it is older than some minimum age, most often the arbitrary date of 10,000 years.Time factors of millions and billions of years is difficult even for adults to comprehend.However, "relative" dating or time can be an easy concept for students to learn.

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