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The confirmation of the invoice being delivered is awesome! Truly a lifesaver for me being a caterer and food vendor! As a superintendent for a national commercial construction corporation you can imagine how often the need for an invoice crosses my desk. Allow me to appear much more professional than handwritten invoices.Can be used alone, or in combination with early_period_in_days to provide an early payment discount. Similar to discount_percentage, but applies a late payment fee instead. late_percentage will be applied every late_period_in_days after due_date.

Outside of an invoice’s legal implications, sending invoices in an organized and timely fashion increases your chances of being paid promptly for a job well done and ensures your business maintains a healthy cashflow.You can still use Sliced Invoices independantly of Woocommerce and vice versa. Create Invoices from Orders allows to see the Sales Orders pending to be invoiced and automatically generates the corresponding Sales Invoices based on them.If there are several Goods Shipment that take place in different dates - several Sales Invoices are generated for each Goods Shipment date.If Goods Shipment does not exist one Sales Invoice is created for one full Sales Order.

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