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This study outlines the application process and project planning that resulted in receiving ,000 to study the problems of small municipalities trying to deliver services to taxpayers in the most economical ways.

Executive Summary » (PDF) | Case Study » (PDF) City of New Rochelle The City of New Rochelle and School District of New Rochelle are studying cost efficiencies and service improvements through joint implementation of technology services city and district wide including capital and operational outlays for technology services, procurement policies and practices and outline various models for the improved provision of technology services.

As required by State law, Glencoe consolidated emergency dispatch responsibilities with the Village of Glenview – a change that took effect June 6, 2017.

Glencoe Public Safety Officers will continue to provide 24/7 police, fire and emergency medical services.

In addition to the savings, WESCOM offers better technology and a larger staff in the event of critical incidents, officials said.Alternatively, call the non-emergency number at (847) 835-4112 and an officer will respond to your home. Glenview’s dispatch center, because of its size and capacity, has resources that were not available to the Glencoe Public Safety Department, including having both call takers and dispatchers and a redundant partner dispatch center that can take over services should a catastrophic event render the Glenview dispatch center inoperable.We expect no degradation in the high standards of service that our residents deserve and have come to expect.Examines the impetus for the creation of the Broome County Partnership Council, its recommendations of 1999, and what actions if any have been taken on those recommendations.Executive Summary » (PDF) | Case Study » (PDF) City of Canandaigua The City of Canandaigua and the Canandaigua Lake Watershed Council implemented their state and locally approved intermunicipal watershed management plan.

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"There's a great necessity to consolidate services because no one has the money to do all the stuff by themselves anymore," said Bill Mc Leod, former president of the Northwest Municipal Conference, which represents 42 municipalities in the north and northwest suburbs.

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