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Here's what you should know." Moonlight wins best picture drama at the Golden Globes!Lesbian chat is a great place for women to chat with other women. Here we hope to give girls a place to feel comfortable and find someone interesting, fun or funny to talk to.Whatever your reason for coming, we hope you love it, come back and spread the word.Our lesbian chat room is quickly becoming a popular destination for gay women online. We wanted to make sure there was a place where women can feel comfortable chatting, talking and camming with other women."According to the Atlantic, Barack Obama built a legacy on gay rights during his administration.But many of the things Obama did to protect LGBTQ people, President Donald Trump could undo with the stroke of a pen.Surround yourself with new awesome lesbian friends, go on dates, find local LGBTQ events or just chat away.

) app for lesbian, bisexual and queer people worldwide.

It seems most "gay" chats are populated solely by men so we have created a place for women.

People use our chat rooms for all types of reasons.

Some come to find a date, some to chat about their day.

Others come to talk about gay and lesbian specific issues like coming out, gay rights and how to deal with discrimination.

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