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The essence of what I am interested in lies within these experiences, and photography is the most suitable and practical medium for me to investigate these personal inquiries," Davey adds.

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Tattooing is an important ritual practiced in many current Pacific societies.

Inscribing the human body with marks through tattooing is a visible way to create and reinforce identities for many societies around the world.

Systematic experiments were conducted in which tools made from the volcanic glass obsidian used to puncture and incise fresh pig skin, which is the closest possible analogue to human skin.

The artefacts used in the experiments were copies of retouched flakes found at sites in the Solomon Islands dating to c. These tools have carefully crafted small points indicating they were used for a specific task.

Shooting in black and white, he sought to capture an "honest reality".

"My photographs often dance between journalism, documentary and art; eventually finding rest somewhere in between all three," Davey says in describing his work.

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Non-rvers staying in public and provide your own transportation to and from place of love, it might.

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