Updating fireplace home decorating

A mantel clock in the center or near one end of the mantel is in keeping with traditional decor.

Because I used a low quality brush with stiff bristles, I actually ended up using three coats to get complete coverage. Painting your brass fireplace screen is fairly fast and simple, and will go a long way towards updating your fireplace.

Choose decorating pieces based on the depth of the mantel, the makeup of the chimney wall (like plaster or brick), and the decor of the room.

Look for pieces to display that are large enough to balance the size of the fireplace. Candles are an expected feature of a traditional fireplace mantel.

Clearly, brass fireplace screens used to be all the rage. It was in great condition, worked properly, and fit the opening perfectly, so painting seemed like the perfect way to save money on this update.

These garish brass screens seem to be in almost every home that was built in the 80’s. I started by sanding all of the brass areas, both outside AND inside, with 150-grit sandpaper.

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Two candles, perhaps in silver or crystal candlesticks, can be set on opposite ends of the mantel with a large picture on the wall between them.

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