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I was a little confused and mixed-up when it came to dating.

Seth Rogen roasted Franco on Comedy Central last year, cracking, "Franco, you look like you're asleep.

Offscreen, the 36-year-old actor is, thankfully, better behaved.

After landing her role on , she revealed that when she had crushes on some of her brother's friends and when asked if she ended up going out with them, she said, "Of course."Clarke has been rumored to date the likes of Jared Leto, but here are the lucky few chaps fortunate enough to cozy up to her!In 2007, he told USA Today, "I have a girlfriend who is far prettier than I should have," he's said. Before Clarke was Khaleesi, she took on small roles on TV such as Saskia Mayer on a few episodes of the show watchers know as the Mother of Dragons. Since then, she has proven herself as a woman with versatility and many talents, and is a fan favorite for her portrayal of Daenerys.Things move well enough till we get to the point where they actually end up on Hawaii. Mike and Dave and played by Adam Devine and Zac Efron respectively.These two make an okay pair as brothers, but Adam Devine (especially) pushes the limit.

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See more » ' Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates' had some promise when the trailers first came out.

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